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Made in Brunel Book

Project type

Book design, publications, editorial design, print, illustration


May 2021


Brunel University

Publications Manager

Co-publications manager responsible for the design, print, and execution of the Above the Fold Made in Brunel Book

The Made in Brunel Book is the highlight of the year among design students at Brunel University. It is used to showcase events, students and their work, and key information about Brunel's design department. It acts as a prospectus, a yearbook, and a talent directory. It is officially registered with the British Library along with the previous years' books.

The book has a unique brand and design each year and is very collectable for this reason. My role as a publications manager was manage the collation of copy and content, to design the book from size and layout, to style and content, in accordance with the 'Above the Fold' brand designed by the brand managers, and to oversee the final print of the book, including liaising with the printing company and our staff rep.

The content, text, images, and graphics are all student sourced and generated and celebrates multiple skills and talents across the Made in Brunel team and the design cohort as a whole.

Producing the book required collaboration across the Made in Brunel team, pushed me beyond my limits, and was a major highlight of my design career.

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